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Your engine needs the oil changed regularly.  Heat in aluminum engines causes sludge rapidly.  If using conventional oils or synthetic blends every 3000-4000 miles.  If using full synthetics every 5000-7500 miles depending on the brand and you may need to change filter half way through.


Proper tire pressure and regular oil changes will increase fuel mileage.


Cold temperatures and hot temperatures will cause a weak


Maintenance Tips

battery to leave you stranded. Have your battery checked in the spring (Easter) and fall (Halloween) before the cold winters and hot summers get here. (Hampton Roads Weather)


Keep your tires properly inflated and rotate every time you get your oil changed or every 5000 – 8000 miles to get the maximum wear out of them.  If you have to replace only two tires on a front wheel drive vehicle (most cars and small SUV's today) put the new tires on the back to get the most grip to keep you safely planted on the road.


Why do this you ask? Ever wonder why you see a one-car accident on interstates on rainy days.  Because a vehicle with new tires on the front and worn tires on the rear has more of a tendency to loose control while turning in slippery or wet conditions. If the new tires are on the front it will hug the turn and road and the rear tires can slide out and fishtail on the road.   Which can cause very serious even fatal accidents.


Most folks don't remember the transmission needs the oil or transmission fluid changed too.  Most transmissions fail because of lack of fluid service.  Many people have had to put a transmission in their vehicle and it is not cheap.  Some manufacturers recommend servicing the transmission every 30,000 miles.  Don't wait till the fluid is brown and burned it should be clean and red.  Not sure when it is due ask an auto technician. 


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